Fork Extensions

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3000lbs to 35,000lbs Lifting Capabilities!

Fork Extensions:

Fork Extensions

We carry a variety of fork extension sizes. Please look at the fork extensions available below.

Extension Sizes

EXT-4×42 For 4″ Wide Forks 42 Inches

EXT-4×48 For 4″ Wide Forks 48 Inches

EXT-4×54 For 4″ Wide Forks 54 Inches

EXT-4×60 For 4″ Wide Forks 60 Inches

EXT-4×63 For 4″ Wide Forks 63 Inches

EXT-4×66 For 4″ Wide Forks 66 Inches

EXT-4×72 For 4″ Wide Forks 72 Inches

EXT-4×84 For 4″ Wide Forks 84 Inches

EXT-4×96 For 4″ Wide Forks 96 Inches

EXT-5×54 For 5″ Wide Forks 54 Inches

EXT-5×60 For 5″ Wide Forks 60 Inches

EXT-5×63 For 5″ Wide Forks 63 Inches

EXT-5×66 For 5″ Wide Forks 66 Inches

EXT-5×72 For 5″ Wide Forks 72 Inches

EXT-5×84 For 5″ Wide Forks 84 Inches

EXT-5×96 For 5″ Wide Forks 96 Inches

EXT-6×54 For 6″ Wide Forks 54 Inches

EXT-6×60 For 6″ Wide Forks 60 Inches

EXT-6×63 For 6″ Wide Forks 63 Inches

EXT-6×66 For 6″ Wide Forks 66 Inches

EXT-6×72 For 6″ Wide Forks 72 Inches

EXT-6×84 For 6″ Wide Forks 84 Inches

EXT-6×96 For 6″ Wide Forks 96 Inches


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Happy Customers

“These guys are the best!!!! I had an electric forklift in storage for some time and was unable to charge it. Scott in service arranged for them to come and load it with the chargers and deliver it to someone that wanted it. The driver, Tom, was also so awesome. He was able to figure out how to pull everything out of a tight space and load everything. I was so happy. Really nice people.., they saved my butt and solved my big headache. Totally recommend them for any transport or forklift services.. And by the way they were also the ones that helped to originally deliver the forklift from my warehouse to the storage unit.. Thanks again!!!!!”

Janka A.

“I had a forklift go down on the day of our yearly inventory audit.  These guys were out servicing our forklift within an hour and had us back up and running before lunch.  Highly recommend their services.”

Bill C.

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